In-home service - We provide in-home service for Plasma, LCD, and DLP television. With some help from the consumer by phone, we attempt to diagnose, order parts, and make a one trip repair so you don't have to make arrangements for multiple appointments.

Pick up and delivery - For legacy television products that are not reasonably servicable in home, we provide pick up and delivery service. Our rates beat those of local moving companies and we know how to handle your property properly to prevent damage.

For those sets which we unsuccessfully attempted a one trip repair, we can pull to the shop for a better repair outcome.

Carry-In service - At our location we accept any product for which we can provide service, on a carry in basis. If you can bring it to us that will provide your least expensive repair experience. 

Ship in repair - We will accept products for repair shipped by UPS and Fed EX. Products will be returned by UPS unless a shipping label or stamp is provided for another delivery service. For the best experience please call and get a work order number.