Repair is often more environmentally responsible than replacement.

We hear about Green Technology constantly now. The most convenient and effective method of conservation has always been conservation. Conserve by not using.

We know that televisions, like all technology, have a finite serviceable life. We are very quick to advise our customers when a set is not reasonable to service, or for that matter, not repairable. We are often able to do that without incurring any cost.

On the other hand, if a TV can be repaired for less than a new TV, even only a little less, it is often more responsible to repair it than to replace it.  While digital technology sets are often too expensive to repair due to the cost of assembly parts, most can be repaired the same way as always, with relatively inexpensive component parts.

If the only reason you are buying a new TV is that the one with which you have been satisfied has failed; strongly consider repair.

Not only will it save some money, it will keep the old set out of a land fill. It will conserve the considerable resources used and pollution caused by the production and shipping of new sets. It will also allow you to spend the majority of your expenditure right here in the U.S.

If you really want a new TV to get the newest and best in technology, that is OK. Be sure you dispose of the old set responsibly. You might hand it down, or some retailers will take sets in for disposal. We will accept flat panel sets for proper disposal and recycling of the raw materials.